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For more than a year, we’ve been hearing rumors that Windows 12, the next major release for Microsoft’s venerated operating system, could be coming as soon as 2024. As always, Microsoft … more
Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu / Financial Times: A UK class action lawsuit against Vodafone, EE, Three UK, and O2, filed last week, accuses them of overcharging ~4.8M customers over 16 years and … more
When you're obsessed with efficiency, like I am, every extra second you shave off your routine absolutely adds up.And even if you aren't a full-time productivity-seeking super-nerd, some … more
Are you looking for unique ways to earn free PayPal money? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore ways that can add a healthy boost to your PayPal account – without risk and much trouble. … more
Bloomberg: The UK's CMA is considering whether Microsoft and OpenAI's partnership should be called in for a merger probe, and asks for comments from interested parties  —  The UK's … more
The European Union (EU) is moving closer to resolving contentious issues to reach a consensus on the AI Act, which is likely to be one of the most comprehensive legislations to regulate the … more
How Gemini works and how Gemini is shown to work are actually different. more
Nikhilesh De / CoinDesk: A US federal judge rules Binance founder Changpeng Zhao cannot return to the UAE before his sentencing, set for February 2024, after his release on a $175M bond  … more
Apple is set to get its fourth manufacturing facility in India with the Tata Group reportedly planning a new factory that will manufacture iPhones, a move that aligns with Apple’s strategy … more
Running in the Nordics, Benelux, Ireland, and the UK, the ads cover several well-known printer issues most of us have faced. The first of these shows a worker struggling to operate her printer, … more
Mackenzie Hawkins / Bloomberg: Micron strikes a labor deal to hire 3,700 union workers for its $15B chip plant in Boise, Idaho, potentially giving the company an edge for federal chip funds  … more
12.5 million teased with speedy internet, only 4 million take the bait Openreach claims it has reached the halfway point in its goal of rolling out fiber broadband to 25 million UK premises by the … more
YouTube’s new comment moderation feature lets you take a break from commenters without removing your existing video comments. | Image: YouTube YouTube has introduced a new … more
Like the Cybertruck, this podcast is bulletproof. more
Could the Zenfone 11 Ultra simply be a ROG Phone 8 with a different name? more
Purple Llama combines the red and blue team for AI. C+ gets an F in security because of memory vulnerabilities. Missing files in Google? Here’s a fix – but don’t ask questions. Apple launches … more
Disabling these two settings can definitely help remedy your iPhone's auto-brightness but be warned, it might not be a silver bullet. more
Java Development Kit 22, due in March 2024 as the next version of Java Standard Edition, will include 12 features, with a second preview of scoped values and a preview of stream gatherers … more
There are two bowls on the kitchen table: one made of plastic, the other metal. You ask the robot to pick up the bowl and put it in the microwave. Which one will it choose? A human might ask for … more
“My cloud application is slow,” is a common complaint. However, nine times out of ten the cause does not lie with the application processing or the database’s inability to serve the … more
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